Economic and social activities in Papua are running normally

Economic and social activities in Papua are running normally
Illustration of the border post in Papua (Infopublik)

The economic and social activities of the Papuan people are generally good and normal. This was reflected in the visit of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Team led by Director General Leonard Louma and Executive Advisor Christopher Nisbert to Bumi Cendrawasih.

The team traveled overland from Port Moresby Papua New Guinea (PNG) to Jayapura on Monday (17/6). Chairman of the Papua Public Welfare Communication Task Force, Usman Kansong, also appreciated the second visit, which was considered a good step as he was able to directly see the conditions and various developments implemented by the government in Papua.

“This is a positive step and appreciation for MSG because the two leaders can see the real conditions on earth in Cenderawasih,” he said when contacted in Jakarta on Tuesday (18/6).

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Both Leonard Louma and Christopher Nisbert agreed during their visit that Indonesia can also be a good example of how a country manages its borders.

]Good practices to be emulated in border areas between MSG countries. For example, the border area between Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands where illegal activities still take place.

Both also believe that Indonesia's important role in the ASEAN region will be decisive and important for MSG member states. This is because it will provide different benefits and advantages in different areas.

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In particular, Leonard Louma revealed that he would encourage collaboration in the plantation sector at MSG and involve Indonesia, including through the vanilla plantation program in the Vanuatu-Somon Islands.

He said Indonesia's involvement was very profitable because Indonesia, together with PNG, is the largest vanilla producing country in the world. He therefore believes that it is necessary to create an economic corridor in the form of the Vanilla MSG association, as an effort to build the strength of the vanilla commodity in the region.

Indonesia's involvement is of great importance as it is believed that it will help open markets in ASEAN. This is very profitable because MSG is building communication and involving Indonesia regionally.

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During his visit, Leonard Louma also discussed the opportunities for cooperation in the education sector between MSG and Indonesia, which could potentially facilitate student and teacher exchanges in the near future.

In addition, the Chief Expert of the Presidential Staff Office, Theo Litaay, considered the visit of MSG officials to Indonesia as an important breakthrough that would benefit the region in various sectors, economic, socio-cultural and political.

“This kind of regional cooperation will expand the area of ​​economic growth towards the Pacific. This region will be able to benefit from the economic growth in the Southeast Asia region as a driver for their development. “That's regional,” he said.

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Leonard Louma and Christopher Nisbert and their entourage visited Indonesia from Port Moresby via an overland trip to the Skouw-Wutung border on Monday (17/6/2024). At around 10:00 WIT, the group arrived at the Skouw Cross Border Post (PLBN) and was immediately escorted by Indonesian Consul General Tangkuman Alexander.

The two were then picked up by representatives of the Papua Province Border and Cooperation Agency and continued their journey to Jayapura City to see the development in Papua.

The two MSG officials will then attend the MSG Security Strategy (MSG SS) to be held by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday (19/6/2024) in Jakarta. MSG SS was held as an effort to gather various inputs from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including civil society, on key priorities in addressing security challenges in the region. (Z-8)

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