DPD PDIP Jakarta rejects the discourse on the Anies-Kaesang duet in the 2024 regional elections

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Secretary of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) PDI Perjuangan DKI Jakarta No wonder that Nainggolan rejected the rumors of a duet between Anies Baswedan and Kaesang Pangarep as the candidate pair for governor and vice-governor in the regional elections for DKI Jakarta.

“Personally, there is no need to link Anies to Kaesang, it will reduce the tragedies of the presidential elections in Jakarta,” said Pantas Nainggolan at the Jakarta Party School, Friday, June 14, 2024.

Pantas' statement responded to the issue regarding the possibility of Kaesang Pangarep, general chairman of PSI, working with Anies. Kaesang admitted that he was willing to participate in the DKI regional elections in Jakarta together with Anies Baswedan.

It is appropriate to say that the person who will run for the DKI Jakarta Pilkada will be decided at the level of the Central Leadership Council (DPP). The PDI Perjuangan DPD, he said, had recommended a number of names to the DPP for the DKI Jakarta Pilkada 2024.

At least ten names were proposed to PDI-P general chairman Megawati Sukarnoputri. They include two former DKI Jakarta governors, Anies Baswedan and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), former TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa, and DKI Jakarta DPRD Chairman Prasetyo Edi Marsudi.

“Anies is one of the names that was grabbed. Pak Pras also came in. We also introduced Andika. Yes, Pak Ahok's name also appeared,” Pantas said on Tuesday.

It is appropriate to indicate that Anies' name has been included in the gubernatorial candidate market in the upcoming DKI Jakarta Pilkada because it was proposed by internal and external DPD PDI Perjuangan DKI Jakarta.


In addition to these names, the DPD PDI Perjuangan DKI Jakarta also presented the chairman of the DPD Hanura Party DKI Jakarta Djafar Badjeber.

“Djafar Badjeber is from Hanura. From the PDI Perjuangan cadre, there is Pak Rasyidi. Then there are other names that I don't remember because they are not very popular,” he said.

PDI Perjuangan previously gave a signal to support Anies in Jakarta. Chairman of the PDI Perjuangan DPP, Ahmad Basarah, said his party had the opportunity to work with the PKB.

Anies also felt honored that PDI Perjuangan was considered as a candidate for governor. Anies expressed his gratitude to PDI Perjuangan for this. This statement was in response to the chairman of the PDI-P political and security department, Puan Maharani, who considered Anies an interesting figure for the DKI regional elections.

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