Dion Wiyoko invites young people to be active

Dion Wiyoko invites young people to be active
Actor Dion Wiyoko (MI/HO)

ACTOR Dion Wiyoko admits he really cares about health. Therefore, he invited people, especially young people, to be more active, exercise more and not be afraid of sweating or being tired.

According to Dion, active exercise and sweating will have a good impact on the body and a positive mentality, as long as it is supported by good hydration and meeting needs.

“I am very concerned about inviting the public and the young people in Indonesia, let's move more, be more active in any sport. I have experienced it myself by moving a lot and exercising regularly, the impact is very positive, both physically and in our mindset. “So don't be afraid to sweat, keep moving and exercising,” said Dion after he was appointed brand ambassador for the isotonic drink Hydroplus.

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Known as a public figure with many achievements, Dion always shows fresh and excellent performance in performing various activities on different occasions.

This man who loves running and tennis said that a fresh and fit physical condition is an important basis to always be productive and achieve different achievements in different areas.

Dion once again won the title of tennis champion with Raffi Ahmad. (Z-1)

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