Cipta Karya Subdivision Central Jakarta Admits Building Sealing in Menteng is Linked to Permit Violations

Cipta Karya Subdivision Central Jakarta Admits Building Sealing in Menteng is Linked to Permit Violations
Illustration (doc. MI/Barry Fathahilah)

HEAD OF Land and Spatial Planning Sector (CKTRP) of Menteng Subdistrict Cipta Karya, Agung Wijanarto, admitted violations in a building located at Jalan Imam Bonjol, Menteng, Central Jakarta, which was sealed.

“The violation of the sealing of the building was an increase in the free space of the building and was not comprehensive,” Agung Wijanarto said during an interview at the Menteng subdistrict office, Friday (14/6).

Agung said the violation led to the building being sealed as changes were made to the first floor space so that it no longer conformed to its shape. “What is clear is that violations are taking place in the building. We can't discuss the details yet. Our steps are only to direct us to stop activities in the encroaching section and process permits,” he said.

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According to him, if there is a change in function of the building, the owner must apply for a permit to change the function. Applying for permits is done via the building permit (PBG).

“The licensing falls under the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PU-Pera). “It will then be transferred to the DKI regional government (Pemda) through one-stop integrated services (PTSP),” he said.

Previously, an integrated task force team would be deployed to inspect the construction project of a luxury house suspected of violating permits at Jalan Imam Bonjol, Menteng, Central Jakarta. This was what Central Jakarta Mayor Dhany Sukma said when the media crew asked about the handling of this case at the Central Jakarta City Council on Tuesday (12/6).

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“It is possible that the integrated task force team will check the field at Jalan Imam Bonjol. But so far I have not received any reports of complaints about violations of the building. “However, as long as there are complaints, we will deploy an integrated task force team,” Dhany said.

According to him, this integrated task force team has just been formed and strengthened by the decree (SK) of the Mayor of Central Jakarta. This decision is permanent and the task force will be given the right to monitor buildings suspected of not complying with regulations. “We have put together an integrated team to assist the Department of Human Settlements, Physical Planning and Land Affairs (CKTRP Sub-dept.) in carrying out building oversight functions.”

Dhany added that the task force team consisted of the Assistant to Government (Aspem), the Assistant for Economy and Development (Asekbang), the CKTRP sub-department, as well as the legal and regional elements. “This team will act quickly if there is a complaint and respond immediately,” he said. (J-2)


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