BSKDN Ministry of Commerce learns South Korea's Smart Governance system

BSKDN Ministry of Commerce learns South Korea's Smart Governance system
Ministry of Interior Studies South Korea's Smart Governance System (Doc)

THE Domestic Policy Strategy Agency (BSKDN) of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) made an important trip to South Korea to strengthen the implementation of Smart Governance at the national level.

Head of BSKDN Yusharto Huntoyungo said the visit was a strategic step to explore innovations and best practices related to Smart Governance, which have been proven to be successfully implemented in South Korea.

“This meeting marks an important milestone in our journey towards improving Smart Governance practices,” Yusharto said in his statement in Jakarta on Tuesday.

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According to him, Smart Governance is not only about the use of technology in running government, but also about fundamental transformations related to the way government interacts with society and manages resources.

He added that broader implementation of Smart Governance could significantly improve the quality of public services.

Not only that, the implementation of Smart Governance will also improve the performance of local governments to increase policy capacity.

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“Today's exchange of knowledge and experience will undoubtedly contribute to our joint efforts to improve more effective and efficient policies,” he said.

Yusharto also said that the implementation of Smart Governance would also impact the policy-making process, which is usually decided based on data and facts.

It is believed that this effort can help the government identify community needs and respond to changes more effectively.

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To realize the implementation of Smart Governance in Indonesia, he emphasized the need for cooperation between various parties, including the government, the private sector, academics, society and the media.

“This collaboration promises to encourage greater academic exchange and collaboration in governance and policy development,” said Yusharto.

In addition, Yusharto hopes that each participant in the training can maximize the time available, to gain knowledge and expertise related to the development of Smart Governance. In this way, the concept of Smart Governance will become stronger.

“I hope that all participants will have a successful and useful training program. Hopefully, this meeting will inspire us all to continue striving for higher levels of governance and intelligent policymaking,” he said. (Z-8)

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