Billie Eilish opens up about fame, what frustrates her most

Billie Eilish talks about fame, what frustrates her most?
Billie Eilish says fame frustrates her (MI)

BILLIE Eilish sometimes finds it frustrating growing up as a public figure. The 22 year old woman who recently released her latest album viz Hit me hard and soft The singer confessed this to Lana Del Rey in an interview for Interview magazine.

“It was very strange growing up in front of the world. “The craziest thing is I discover things about myself and then suddenly everyone knows, and I don't even have time to think about how I feel,” he said. People.

It is known that Eilish made her debut as a singer at the age of 14 with the single Ocean Eyes. Two years later, he released his debut album Don't Smile at Me shortly after If we all fall asleep, where do we go? released in 2019 and won three Grammy awards.

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According to him, being a public figure also requires you to accept that a lot of information will come out about him.

He even felt that this misinformation about himself sometimes forced him to clarify his entire life.

“What frustrates me and really makes me anxious is the feeling that I have to explain myself all the time. “There are so many hard parts about fame, but one of the most frustrating things is not being able to defend or explain yourself,” Eilish said.

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“Imagine that everyone in the world hears a rumor about you and it is untrue or explained out of context. “Then came my desire and need to explain myself and I think that really damaged my life and my self-confidence,” he continued.

She emphasized that this can also sometimes make her feel worse, because she feels blocked and is not allowed to make changes in her own life.

“It didn't make me feel confident or comfortable knowing who I was. Everyone says, oh, that's him. All I can say is that you make me feel like I'm not allowed to grow and change. “This is very scary,” Eilish concluded. (Z-10)

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