Being a single mom doesn’t stop you from being creative and independent

    Being a single mom doesn't stop you from being creative and independent
Founder of Zahin Digital Agency Fina Mairita (MI / Rahmatul Fajri)

BEING a single mother doesn’t stop one from continuing to work and be independent, as Zahin Digital Agency founder and influencer Fina Mairita found out.

Fina is determined to prove that women can work and be independent. He also wants to make it known that everyone, especially women, has the right and duty to rise from adversity.

The fate of a single parent has made Fina grow into a stronger and more creative figure. He chose the path of becoming an influencer and succeeded in founding Zahin Digital Agency in mid-2022.

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“Zahin Digital Agency has a vision and mission to benefit other people, not just looking for material,” Fina said on the sidelines of a breakout session in Serasa Kuphie Selatan, South Jakarta on Tuesday (7/9).

From February 2023, Fina is expanding by establishing the Zahin Community. He successfully led the first workshop entitled ‘The Rise of the Single Mom’ in collaboration with ItuBaik.

“Then the second event in March we collaborated with Ditemenin and Dompet Dhuafa,” Fina said.

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Over time, Fina admitted that she still had the opportunity to share with more people. He was invited as a speaker at an event of a well-known supplier company.

Fina said that Zahin Community has also been invited several times to be a community partner in various events, one of which is the Radeyah Class Batch 3 event that was hosted by artist Dini Aminarti.

Not satisfied, Fina admitted that she wanted to continue spreading her wings. Until he finally managed to hold a breakout session titled ‘Back to Allah’, which was held today at Serasa Kuphie Selatan, South Jakarta. In this activity, the participants who came were able to have an in-depth conversation with him and Ustazah Qutronada.

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“This is more about sharing experiences, sharing enthusiasm and positive affirmations in a positive atmosphere,” said this former journalist.

He hopes that this event can inspire and give a positive vibe to many people, especially those who are feeling down. Fina admitted that she had a breakdown that almost ended her life. However, he then turned back to Allah and prayed for strength to continue living.

“I almost committed suicide because I felt down. So the hope is that those who come here can be motivated to continue to get up and move forward,” he said.

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Fina said that every activity of the Zahin community was not just about material things, but also about establishing and building long-term relationships.

“It’s more about the size of the benefits, and especially the benefits for more people,” he said.

Fina has prepared the next event for August 31, 2024. This event will feature joint classes in mental health and dentistry, each filled with experts in their field. A number of well-known public figures and famous religious scholars will also be present.

“Those who wish to participate can check out Fina Mairita’s social media and Zahin Community and Zahin Digital Agency accounts,” he said. (Z-8)

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