Behind-the-scenes facts about the production of the horror film Sakaratul Maut

Behind-the-scenes facts about the production of the horror film Sakaratul Maut
Director Sakaratul Maut Sidharta Tata (MI/NUR AMALINA)

DIRECTOR Sidharta Tata presents his latest horror film titled Sakaratul Maut, produced by production house Rapi Films. This film will premiere in cinemas across Indonesia from August 1, 2024. Interestingly, this film is made based on the director’s empirical experience, which will provide an unforgettable experience.

Synopsis of the movie Sakaratul Maut

Sakaratul Maut tells the story of Mr. Wiryo and Mrs. Wiryo, a respected couple in the village of Umbul Krida. Their happy life changed drastically after a tragic traffic accident took the life of Mrs. Wiryo and left Mr. Wiryo in a coma. Their youngest child, Retno, decided to postpone her departure to Surabaya to take care of her father and her older sister, Wati.

However, the situation became more and more complicated when a conflict arose between Wati and Tarjo, her half-brother from Pak Wiryo’s second marriage, over inheritance issues. Gossip among neighbors further complicates matters, with rumors that Pak Wiryo is bound by a supernatural force that makes it difficult for him to die. The fear of an evil entity begins to haunt this family, while the strange symptoms that appear in Pak Wiryo, who is in a coma, further confuse the situation.

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Not only does it offer suspenseful horror elements, “Sakaratul Maut” also explores deep internal conflicts within a family, especially around inheritance wars that give rise to complicated dynamics between family members. This is not only a battle against supernatural entities, but also a fight to maintain unity in the face of looming terror.

Unique Facts Behind The Movie Sakaratul Maut

The unique fact behind the movie “Sakaratul Maut” is that this movie is inspired by a real incident in the family of Sidharta Tata, the director. He said that this incident happened to his great-grandfather during the Dutch colonial era, where his great-grandfather had a stock of khodam or knowledge to protect himself, which made it difficult for him to die. This experience became the main source of inspiration in making this fictional horror movie, which brought out supernatural themes from the director’s real life.

Another interesting fact is that the ghost designs in this film actually came from sketches made directly by the director himself. Sidharta Tata explained this in an interview with Indonesian media on Thursday (11/7). The sketch he made was then consulted with experts to create a more complex and terrifying design in the film. (Z-6)

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