Bandung Regent Hands Over IDR 1.327 Billion in Kadeudeuh Money to Fornas VII Activists and Trainers

Bandung Regent Hands Over IDR 1.327 Billion in Kadeudeuh Money to Fornas VII Activists and Trainers
Bandung regent Dadang Supriatna with recreational sports activists and trainers from the community (DOK/DISKOMINFO BANDUNG DISTRICT)

The Bandung Regency government has paid out IDR 1.327 billion as kadeudeuh money for activists and coaches who participated in the VII National Community Sports Festival (Fornas) 2023 in West Java.

The kadeudeuh money is a form of appreciation from the Bandung Regency government for 363 activists and 37 coaches from 88 recreational sports organizations from the parent community. It is believed that they glorified the good name of Bandung Regency during the Fornas event.

Bandung Regent Dadang Supriatna, accompanied by Bandung Regency Indonesian Community Sports and Recreation Committee (KORMI) Chairman Emma Dety Permanawati, handed over the kadeudeuh money directly.

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The regent said the achievements of sports activists brought pride not only to individuals but also to the entire community of Bandung Regency.

When Fornas VII was implemented, West Java emerged as the overall champion. KORMI Bandung Regency was recorded as the area that sent the most activists.

“Kadeudeuh is certainly the result of the hard work of the activists. They managed to get 270 medals at the VII National Fornas in 2023,” Dadang added.

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Kang DS, his nickname, hopes the cash money will motivate other activists to improve their performance. Currently, people's enthusiasm for participating in recreational sports activities has become very high.

“So in the future, we must pay attention to sports facilities in every sub-district. We will program it. God willing, in 2025 there will be two sub-districts where we will pay attention to sports facilities, namely Cicalengka and Ciparay,” he explained.

Kang DS said budget intervention could go through the village. Because there are also KORMI ambassadors in the village.

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Kang DS said that this community's sports activities were rarely discussed. “So after the general chairman of KORMI Bandung Regency was led by Mrs. Hj. Emma Dety Permanawati, KORMI Bandung Regency stood up and became champion.”

He revealed that the sporting potential of this community was extraordinary. Of the 88 inorga, about 56 inorga were formed in Bandung regency.


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