Airin receives support from Pesilat and arts and culture artists to advance as Banten governor

NATIONAL INFO – The group of martial artists and performers of Banten’s traditional art and culture, the Airin Guard Troop or Pagar Airin, expressed their support for Airin Rachmi Diany in the 2024 regional head elections, or Pilkada Banten.

Pagar Airin Commander Mohamad Nasir said that Pagar Airin is willing to volunteer to support Airin to become Banten Governor for the period 2024-2029.

He said that there are many inspiring female heroes in Indonesian history who contributed to the struggle for independence and the progress of the nation. According to him, Banten province can produce an inspiring woman like Airin in this modern era.

“He is the former mayor of South Tangerang who is known for his various achievements in the development and promotion of South Tangerang City,” he said on Wednesday, July 10, 2024.


Nasir said Airin had similarities with her predecessors in terms of fighting spirit, dedication and commitment to bring about positive change in society.

“We believe that Mrs Airin is worthy and ideal to be the governor of Banten. Banten will be more focused and advanced, and because it is led by Mrs Airin, who is skilled in leading the government,” he said.

His party aims to continue building a strong network in eight districts/cities in Banten to win Airin in the 2024 Banten regional elections.

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