Actors in the creative economy need to adapt to increase their capacity

Actors in the creative economy need to adapt to increase their capacity
Participants of the Indonesian Creation Appreciation (AKI) pose in front of the booth. (Special Document)

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Sandiaga S Uno invited creative economy (ekraf) players to continue building capacity through learning and adaptation.

“Currently, we are moving from one point to another and have to adapt to the circumstances of the social environment ahead of us,” Sandiaga said during the 2024 Indonesian Creation Appreciation (AKI) series live and online in Blitar, East Java, and Palu, Central Sulawesi.

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The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy stressed the importance of maintaining friendship between actors from the creative and creative economy and different parties, so that more and more new business opportunities can be unlocked.

‘By building networking, we can create the broadest possible cooperation. “Because every friendship can prolong life and increase someone’s fortune,” said the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.

For your information, at AKI 2024 in Blitar City, 38 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) were selected from 7,000 applications from various sub-sectors such as gastronomy, crafts, fashion and others.

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“Blitar is not only known for its creative and creative potential, it is also known for its various tourist villages. Through this AKI event, we hope that tourists who come to tourist villages and historical tourism in Blitar can become real tourists or groups, so that they do not only buy spiritual, groups that only look,” Sandiaga said.

Meanwhile, in Palu, no fewer than 25 participants from the culinary, fashion and music sub-sectors showed their works in an exhibition at the Palu Grand Mall.

“The city of Palu was chosen as a symbol of sustainability and progress of the creative economy in Eastern Indonesia. This event is also an important opportunity to build friendship and cooperation between creative and creative economy actors,” Sandiaga said.

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From the 2024 AKI exhibition in Bitar and Palu, three finalists were selected that were considered superior in terms of product innovation.

The three finalists of Blitar City are Silhouette Crouchet (ethnic necklace accessories, bracelets and earrings that have the characteristics of knitting combined with natural stones), Wanokaka Bag (manufacturer totepack backpack And bum bag special traveler), and Yuksri Ungkepan (ready-made side dish ungkepan made from free-range chicken and duck).

As for Palu City, the selected finalists are Batik Nation (manufacturer of traditional and modern batik motifs with the latest models), Bunly (processed cashew nuts with different flavors in modern packaging) and Gula Semut Molomamua (processed liquid and powdered palm sugar with modern packaging).

Owner Yuksri Ungkepan, Wijaya Prima, admitted that through the AKI exhibition, he gained insights from the mentors during the bootcamp phase, especially on digital marketing, product variations, expanding distribution networks and online purchasing options to make it easier for consumers to purchase MSME products.


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