Acting Regent of South Central Timor Optimistic about improving MPP services

NATIONAL INFO – The Public Service Mall (MPP) of South Central Timor Regency was inaugurated by the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB), Abdullah Azwar Anas, together with 14 other MPPs, at Seraton Grand Jakarta, South, on Monday June -Jakarta. 24 2024.

Acting Regent of South Central Timor, Seperius Edison Sipa, said that this inauguration was a historic moment for the South Central Timor Regency as it received direct appreciation from the central government in the form of the inauguration as a form of support through the PANRB Ministry.

Yes, today's moment is a historic day for us in South Central East Regency. . “This is an appreciation given by the central government through the Ministry of PANRB to support our services in the South Central East Regency,” he said on June 24, 2024 in Jakarta.

Built in September 2023 and commissioned in March 2024, the MPP aims to make it easier for the community to meet their needs.

“How can we make it easier for people to get services. “It is easy to get service, it is also fast and it is free for everyone to provide services in South Central Regency,” he said.

So far, he said, there are twenty counters for twenty departments and agencies with 145 services ready to serve the community.


Seperius believes that MPP in South Central Timor, even though it can serve the public, still needs to make improvements by developing related services and spatial planning that need to be optimized.

“There are indeed still developments in terms of facilities that we need to improve. And this is still new, we are still working on it. “There are counters that are in order, the waiting room is in order, all that remains is to arrange the courtyard, the service room, the waiting room and so on. These still need to be improved,” he said.

But Seperius is optimistic that his party will make additional improvements in 2024-2025 for the public's ease of processing permits at MPP. He hopes that MPP South Central Timor will add services in the future so that all services can be centered at MPP.

“We strive to provide the best services to the community. All forms of service will be focused on MPP. “Yes, apart from that, there will be each parent agency, but at each counter we hope this will work, while there will be pick-up and drop-off services by the agencies,” he said.

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