Acquaintance with Fidya Meilia, a “ classmate ” in “ FROM JINDELA SMP ”, pioneer of a career becoming a model

medialnews – Fidya Meilia Putri’s name began to be known to soap opera fans due to her role as a “school friend” in the hit soap opera JENDELA SMP SMP. He supports the love story of the characters Wulan (Sandrina Michelle) and Joko (Rey Bong) as classmates.

The actress born May 8, 2007, in addition to being a fan of the theater, is also in the world of photographic modeling. His involvement in the hit Sinemart soap opera is certainly a stepping stone that can lead him to fulfill his dreams. Let’s take a look at some of the portraits of Fidya in the FROM JENDELA SMP soap opera and her modeling activities.

1. Filming in a time of pandemic

Fidya admitted that during the pandemic he often took photoshoots rather than filming soap operas. Fortunately, she is still part of the soap opera JENDELA SMP as a junior high school student in Nusa Bangsa. He’s ready to shoot again after the Eid holidays

2. Since childhood, he loves modeling

Since childhood, Fidya, who idolized Prilly Latuconsina, often entered modeling competitions on various occasions. She also appeared as an extra in the CINDERELLA METROPOLITAN miniseries.

His decision to cast at Sinemart paid off. He got a supporting role in the soap opera JENDELA SMP. This soap opera is one of the successful soap operas broadcast on SCTV.

“The process is transferred to the Sinemart pH office and is offered a small role first,” he said.

3. Valuable experience in DE LA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL

Fidya said his experience on set was really fun. He can interact with the crew and friendly players. It was like he had a new family on set.

“The location is also nice. They are very good and good at playing. The players are not only good-looking and beautiful but also nice,” he said.

4. Subscribe to the Jabodetabek Designer Model

Fidya is also often invited to photo shoots by clothing designers to show off the beauty of these dresses. Among the designers he has represented are Hannah Collection and Suyitno Purboyo.

KLovers can take a look at photos of Fidya on her social media account @ Fidyameiliaputri0805 or continue to watch soap operas from JINDELA SMP to see her perform.

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