5 Recommended K-Pop Idol Contents to Fill Your Eid Al-Adha Holiday Time

5 Recommended K-Pop Idol Contents to Fill Your Eid Al-Adha Holiday Time
5 Recommended K-Pop Idol Contents to Fill Your Eid Al-Adha Holiday Time (Screenshot from YouTube Seventeen.)

There are several ways to fill holiday time like Eid al-Adha without having to leave the house. For example, you can see interesting content uploaded by K-Pop artists to accompany your relaxing time at home.

Here are five recommendations for interesting content from some K-Pop artists that you can watch at home!


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“GOING SEVENTEEN” is a reality show with a different theme in each episode, starting with eating competitions, sleeping competitions and various other interesting themes. The series stars members of the K-pop group created by Pledis Entertainment, SEVENTEEN

“GOING SEVENTEEN” has been running since 2019 and now airs every Wednesday at 4:00 PM WIB on their official YouTube channel. If you are bored at home, the content of GOING SEVENTEEN is suitable for watching during the Eid al-Adha holiday, because there are hundreds of interesting episodes ready to entertain the audience.

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Another interesting viewing advice came from one of the members of the band DAY6, namely Park Sungjin. “PARK SUNGJJINIYA” has been around since 2023 and features short video blogs in which Sungjin performs various activities, from watching a baseball game to eating at a delicious restaurant.

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With his signature satori (accent) speaking style, Sungjin will guide the content of “PARK SUNGJJINIYA” for 15-20 minutes per episode. Not only does Sungjin often invite other guest stars to increase the excitement.


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Behind their charm on stage, the eight members of ATEEZ have managed to bring new joy to the audience who followed their content on “ATEEZ WANTEEZ”. Similar to “GOING SEVENTEEN”, this ATEEZ content also has a different theme each week.

For example, episode 11 of “ATEEZ WANTEEZ” where they were challenged to make a traditional health drink from South Korea. Although there was chaos at the start of the potion making, ATEEZ managed to complete its mission well.


The group, which just released a single titled “KING KONG”, also has reality show content that is no less interesting than other groups. Titled “TREASURE MAP”, 10 TREASURE members successfully showed their other side, which is funny, active and fun, just like young men in general.

Unfortunately, the latest episode of “TREASURE MAP” has not been released until now because they are busy with music. However, viewers can watch dozens of episodes released on the TREASURE YouTube channel.


Finally, there is the female idol group TWICE who consistently create content for the reality show “TIME TO TWICE”. Behind their graceful and charming side, the nine members of TWICE do not hesitate to show their human side, which is cute, adorable and talkative just like other girls.

The content includes a variety of interesting themes ranging from indoor games to brainteaser competitions between TWICE members. “TIME TO TWICE” can be viewed on TWICE's YouTube channel. (Ant/P-5)


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